SMARTEEZ is a brilliant collection, completely Made in Italy, where colors and volumes are combined to create new silhouettes, mixing sportswear and formal wear with a glitch attitude through the use of graphic patterns and a taste for sparkling palette: a contemporary look which aligns elements of casual wear and chic wear in transversal harmonic combinations. The brand is born to offer a highly fashion product at the right pricing point shaped from researched and refined fabrics. The new collection is complete in many themes: color blocks, lace mix, stripes, and grosgrain details. The starting point of the collection is the sporty mood of sailing which inspires the choice of light fabrics and the use of colors combination and patterns. The color block series has the soul of the mainsails, free falling grosgrain details reminds of ropes. The idea evolves anyhow in an easy yet particular casual daywear that is SMARTEEZ main feature.