Aysen Bitzer, former front woman and creative head of the 0039italy brand, has developed a new line under the name AYBI, which will launch during Berlin Fashion Week in July 2017. Even with her new concept, Aysen Bitzer is staying true to her core areas of expertise: blouses and dresses. “AYBI is a dream come true for me. Modern women, who are often mothers and business women, love a look that is simple, wearable but always chic at the same time – and that brings out their personality. Ideally they can carry this look through to evening activities, which is exactly what AYBI stands for”, says Aysen Bitzer. Everything will be manufactured in Europe. Together with the main line, AYBI will also launch its first capsule collection in cooperation with DISNEY. In 1937, the American animated musical fantasy film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” was originally released. To celebrate its 80th birthday this year, the film’s graphics will be transformed into various prints, including appliqués and frills, in a romantic collection of blouses and dresses, some of which will be available for girls, too. “The collaboration with DISNEY is perfect. The world-famous DISNEY themes represent dreams, romance, joy and happiness, and create an extra portion of playfulness, which perfectly matches AYBI”, romanticises Bitzer.