The Hive Showroom at Unisource Inc. is a New York based fashion and marketing company specializing in strategic distribution placement, brand development, merchandising, and market data research – offering expertise in account management and marketing solutions in PR, branding, and retail coordination. We establish relationships with top department stores and boutiques, expertise in retail logistics, and partnerships with our exclusive roster of fashion media clients.


Stefano has dedicated his entire career to building and launching an innovative fashion and marketing company. He serves as Founder, President, and CEO of Unisource Inc. Started in 1990, Stefano’s objective was to provide in-depth analysis of partnership opportunities and to optimize synergies between the US and European apparel industries. Most recently in 2001, Stefano also became involved as Owner and GM of Herion, an Italian based brand originated in 1886. As an operative, he oversaw production and was directly involved with the overall distribution of the licensed brand. He acquired the expertise in the processes of supply chains for high-end production, and an acute understanding of the changing environments within international retail sectors. Earlier in his career, Stefano lived and worked in Milan, Italy as a marketing consultant. He speaks three languages and holds an Admin. Degree from V. Pareto in Lausanne, CH in addition to a B.A. from I.U.L.M. of Public Relation in Milan.

Julia has over two decades of international experience in the luxury goods and retail sectors. Since 2001, she has worked with Unisource Inc. to oversee its wholesale operations and assist in relaunching the Herion brand. As VP of Sales, Julia manages all brand and marketing initiatives. Prior to building her business with her partner and husband, Julia was VP of Retail and Wholesale of the Max Mara group. During her 12 years at Max Mara, she was involved with product decisions, store expansions, and domestic and international wholesale strategies. Julia speaks four languages. She holds a B.A. in Fashion Design and Merchandising from Accademia Italiana di Moda in Florence.